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Corporate Social Responsibility

Culture & Sports

The Group shows its full support for the development of art, music, sporting and other cultural events in Hong Kong. It sponsors a wide range of artistic and cultural programs, including painting, photography and heritage exhibitions, concerts, musicals, dance performances and various events of the Hong Kong Arts Festival. Dr Y C Chow, Chairman of the Hong Kong Bahrain Business Association, has been passionately strengthening the Hong Kong-Bahrain relationship in trade, commerce, business and industry and by also promoting intercultural understanding between Hong Kong and Bahrain.

The Group sponsored for the “Kota Kinabalu Music Camp 2011” which was co-organized by Music for Our Young Foundation

2014 Hong Kong International Dragon Boat Races

Dr Y C Chow devotes to promote chado

Chinese Ink Painting Exhibition

Chevalier ATP Champions Tour

The Group sponsored the “Chevalier ATP Champions Tour” to help promote sports and bring a world-class tennis tournament to Hong Kong. It also sponsored “The Hong Kong Masters”, Asia’s first and only 5-star accredited international indoor jumping event to promote equestrian sport. Chevalier has also supported the half-marathon charity run organized by the Community Chest of Hong Kong for consecutive years. In 2014, the Chevalier Group supported the “Hong Kong International Dragon Boat Races” and sponsored the “Youth Dragon Boat Training Programme”, cultivating perseverance and team spirit of the younger generation.

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