Banknote Counter

Banknote Counter


The SB-9 currency discrimination counter offers a professional authentication for bank teller counters and other financial institutions applications.


One of the world's smallest 2 pockets currency discriminator (280 x 269 x 261 mm)

Large 3" LCD display

Multi-currencies counterfeit detection Capability - Up to 10 currencies

Value Counting & Denomination Recognition: HKD, RMB, EURO & USD

Dual user system with two customer displays connection

Far Less Jams

Active intelligent upgrade technology

2 pockets denominations discrimination capability

5 counterfeit detecting features (CIS, IR, MR, UV, 3D Detection)

Barcode Reading (optional)

OCR (optional)

World’s 1st Android-Based Smart Customer Display

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1. SB-9 currency discrimination counter
2. Smart Customer Display – Aurora
3. Standard Customer Display – SV200


Simple and Easy Operation

Multi-currencies counterfeit detection Capability: HKD, CNY, USD & EURO

Value Counting & Denomination Recognition: HKD, CNY, EURO



Simple and Easy Operation

3 Speeds up to 1,500 per minute

Superior fast and accurate currency counting 

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