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Are you woried that:

Your product design is secretly stolen, your customer data is taken by your competitor, financial data is intentionally misappropriated stolen, your staff abuse corporate network resources, absorbed in Internet games, browse websites unrelated to work, chat / send / receive private mails during office hours?  Your IT administrator takes excessive time and resources on asset management and system maintenane with low efficiency?

IP-guard is powerful and comprehensive IT management software for enterprise. It can help you:

protect your information security maximumly

regulate your staffs working behaviour

manage your IT assets and maintain your system centrally

With IP-guard, everything is in your control.  IP-guard absolutely is your excellent helper in IT management. 
Protect the Information Security
IP-guard provides you with matchless secure experience.

cover and control all aspects (eg. document operation, email, instant messaging, device usage) which might have information leakage likelihood to reduce the risks of information leakage by authorizing specific operation.

provide encryption and backup features to safeguard your information security.

record every operation in detail to faciliate all your operation.

Regulate Work Behavior
IP-guard helps you to improve work efficiency.

block employees from speculating in the stock market, playing PC and online games, accessing illegal websites etc.  With IP-guard, you can allow and limit your employees' specific operation in specific time range.

limit the bandwidth of Peer-to Peer (P2P) applications even block it and stop illegal as well as unwanted ports.  Therefore, bandwidth can be reasonably allocated and network security can be enhanced.

offer detailed operation log and visual figure of statistic analysis report to help you quickly and easily master the use status of IT resource and your staff's working status.

Manage and Maintain IT System

IP-guard assists you with centralized asset management and system maintenance to reduce IT management cost.

manage all assets comprehensively and mastger the information of all IT assets and asset changes within the whole network.

support software deployment and patch management.

support remote maintenance and remote control to help you quickly find out and fix he problem.

IP-guard consists of IP-guard Server, IP Console & IP-guard Agent.

Server: collect and save data, distribute policies automatically.

Console: establish policies, check data, provide statistics and analysis.

Agent: record data and carry out policies.

Operating platform of IP-guard components:

Download : IP-guard Leaflet

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