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The Strata CIX family includes the CIX 670, CIX 100, and Internet Protocol (IP) systems that provide sophisticated business communication features. These systems deliver the promise of IP telephony by providing all the features and benefits of our traditional business communications systems on a converged IP platform. With Strata CIX, you have a choice of mixing and matching technologies, creating a pure IP system or a converged solution, and adapting based on the needs of your company.

The Strata CIX IP business communications system provides pure IP peer-to-peer functionality and provides a smooth migration path from Toshiba Strata CTX and Strata DK digital business communication systems.

Strata CIX family supports all types of telephones and provides the configuration flexibility to build the communications system you need, in addition to the investment protection from re-using devices from other Strata systems. That's why the Strata CIX is much more than just an IP system. It is a unified communications environment that supports all types of client devices.

Strata CIX delivers virtually every feature to every user, regardless of the type of device they are using, whether they are stationary or mobile.

The system supports IP phones, wireless IP telephones, both analog and digital telephones, IP softphones on laptops, PDAs, and tablet PCs. Because the CIX is built on open standards, the Strata CIX will also work with standards-based Toshiba certified SIP telephones.

Each individual user can choose the type of device that best meets their communication needs.

These devices can be used by local or remote users, so employees can work anywhere, with the same level of functionality and productivity.


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