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Interactive Voice Responses System (IVRS)

IVRS (Interactive Voice Responses System) is a telephony technology in which a caller uses a touch-tone telephone to interact with the system to acquire information. It is more than just an automatic answering service.

The optional features of IVR include database access, call log details and report generation, etc.


Benefit of IVR

Provides 7 x 24 Self-Services

Maintains Consistent Service Level to Customer

Shifts Loading from Live Agents

Enquiry Information Services; by voice as well as fax document

Interactive with Database

Call History Data for Reporting

Ability to Integrate with Back-End Application Server for Computer-Telephony Solutions

IVR Applications

Automated Attendant / Audio Text

Product Information Enquiry

Messaging System


Stock Account Balance and Transaction

Out-Bound Dialer

Booking System

Inventory and Order Status Checking


Ad-hoc CT Integration Applications

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