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A Contact Center is a phone system (with computer software) that allows incoming and outgoing calls to be handled in a systematic and professional manner. It enables an organization to offer excellent customer service, reduce cost, increase efficiency and automate business processes.

Calls can be prioritized by prompting the caller for specific information. The Contact Center will place that call in queue based upon the assigned priority.

IP Based Contact Center
IP (Internet Protocol) is a technology that allows voice and data to be transferred via the Internet. It offers cheap, mobile, 24X7 access, flexible and reliable solutions for contact centers. An IP based contact center allows a contact center to leverage on the advantages of the IP technology to deliver cost effective and powerful solutions for today's competitive business environment.


IP Based Multi-Media Contact Center

Advantages of Contact Center

Call, Agent & Queue Priority - Get the right call to the right person at the right time

True Integration - Everything is engineered to work together as one system

Adaptive Solutions - Flexible products to meet customer requirements

Modular & Scalable - Only need to buy what is needed

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