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Chevalier Group established Chevalier Cold Storage and Warehousing Limited (later renamed as Chevalier Cold Storage and Logistics Limited) in 2002 to enter warehousing business. With an 18-storey self-owned warehouse in Kwai Chung providing cargo storage of 28,000 tons, Chevalier delivers modern, efficient and reliable cold chain logistics in Hong Kong.

Cold Storage Warehouse
in Kwai Chung

Advanced fleet

Convenient and
reliable storage services

Warehouse Building in Fanling

Since its establishment, the cold storage warehouse has maintained a highly occupancy rate and a steady growth of business. The company has made a significant investment in both storage and refrigeration technology by enlarging the storage capacity of its freezers and purchasing container tractors and refrigerator trucks, enabling the delivery of goods with different temperature requirements. Also, the company's fleet of vehicles has been fitted with a GPS system that greatly optimizes its logistics capabilities. With its advanced computer system and self-developed Internet Warehouse Management System, the storage and delivery of food products is available any time and anywhere.

In recent years, Chevalier acquired two developments to further expand its cold chain and logistics business. One of these is a 17-storey cold storage warehouse in Kwai Chung that is currently completely rented out. With this acquisition, Chevalier offers around 48,000 tonnes of storage space in Hong Kong for frozen food, representing a market share of over 30% of the cold storage industry in Hong Kong. The other development is a piece of land in Tsing Yi with around 129,000 square feet. An 8-storey warehouse property has already been built and the remaining land is reserved for further development as the Group continues to expand in the cold chain logistic business.  

Chevalier Group also purchased a 6-storey warehouse building in Fanling in 1992, to cope with the storage needs of the Group's various businesses and also to provide convenient and reliable warehousing services for clients in Hong Kong.

The Group also plans to further expand its cold chain logistics business in Greater China, preliminarily in locations such as Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing and gradually in other major cities.


Kwai Chung Cold Storage Warehouse

Freezer Compartments
Storage of meat, seafood and frozen foodstuff

Chiller Compartments
Storage of vegetables, eggs and photographic paper

Air-conditioned Rooms
Storage of confectioneries, film and glue

Bonded Warehouse
Storage of dutiable goods, including tobacco and liquors

Fanling Warehouse 

General Storage

Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency

ISO 9001: 2008 CC2435 Certification - Provision of Cold Storage and Warehousing Services

Customs and Excise Department

Public Bonded Warehouse License

Food and Environmental Hygiene Department

Cold Store License

Trade and Industry Department

Approved Rice Storage Place

Contact Information
Chevalier Cold Storage and Logistics Limited
Address: 124-130 Kwok Shui Road, Kwai Chung, N.T., Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 3763 9800
Fax: (852) 3763 9801
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