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Scope of Business

Chevalier Property Management Limited provides management services for commercial and industrial buildings, residential units, shopping malls and carparks. With a total management area of about 30 million square feet, of which nearly 27 million square feet are residential projects, Chevalier aims to provide a better living environment for Hong Kong.

Comfortable homes for residents
by Chevalier

Superior management
services for residential

Gardening services

Management services
for carparks

Management services
for Jardines' Lookout
Garden Houses

Chevalier is also the President of Hong Kong Association of Property Management Companies Limited (2014 & 2015). It has undertaken its responsibilities as a council member for years, which reflects its recognition in the property management industry.

“Your home in safe hands” is Chevalier’s promise to its customers, and has earned for the company many commendations from the Incorporated Owners.  Regular community, recreational and caring activities are organized for residents to create a harmonious living environment.

In addition to the property management business in Hong Kong, Chevalier has further extend its scope to Shenzhen, Shanghai, Chengdu and Changchun. In recent years, Chevalier successfully won various property management contracts, such as the project of Chung Ying Street in Shenzhen and Fenyang Road in Shanghai.


A Security Company License - Type I has been granted since 1996 which is under the Security and Guarding Services Ordinance (Cap.460).

A comprehensive monitoring system on cleaning service provided by our in-house staff or contract-out arrangement, leading to a comfortable living and working environment.

The expertise of both on-site maintenance staff and support team from Head Office provide professional advice, supervision on contractors' performance and monitoring of satisfactory work quality for each stage.

Landscaping and the notion of environmental protection become more important nowadays. Chevalier strives to create beautiful gardening in estates, and has designed many creative and beautiful landscaping which have been awarded.

Carpark Management
Carpark management includes security service and illegal parking control. A comprehensive car park monitoring system is in place including the technical installations / maintenance on computer controlled gate bar, CCTV and recording system.

Value-Added Service
Chevalier believes good communication between customers and management office is essential. Various community activities are arranged on a seasonal basis to enhance communication and coherence.

Project Highlights
Hong Kong

Charming Garden

Chevalier Cold Storage & Logistics Ltd.

Glorious Garden

Harmony Garden

Jardine's Lookout

Kwong Yuen Estate

Sheffield Garden

The Verandah Garden

Sunningdale Garden


Chevalier Place, Shanghai

Chung Ying Street, Shenzhen

Hong Kong Housing Authority

Property Services Agents (PSA)

Security Service Contractors (Band IIA)

Hong Kong Association of Property Management Companies Limited

Council Member

Security and Guarding Services Industry Authority

Security Company Licence (Security Work Type I)

Leisure and Cultural Services Department

Approved List of Suppliers

Shanghai Municipal Administration of Housing, Land and Rescource

Qualification Certificate for Property Management Enterprise in Shanghai, People of Republic of China (Grade III)

Electrical and Mechanical Services Deparment 
- The Hong Kong Energy Efficiency Registration Scheme for Buildings

Certificate for Registration
Chevalier Engineering Service Centre (2004) Chevalier Warehouse Building (2005)

Hong Kong Management Association – Quality Award

 Bronze Award (2006)

Water Supplies Department - Quality Water Supply Scheme for Buildings – Fresh Water (Plus)

 Certificate of Gold 
Harmony Garden (2014) Gardenview Garden (2014) Saddle Ridge Garden (2014) Chevalier Engineering Service Centre (2016) Wei Chien Court of Wyler Gardens (2016)

 Certificate of Silver 
Sunningdale Garden (2014) 

Water Supplies Department - Quality Water Supply Scheme for Buildings – Flushing Water

Certificate of Blue
Chevalier Engineering Service Centre (2016)

Security Services Best Training Award

Award of Gold (Licensed Security Company – Type I) (2015)

Kowloon West Best Security Services Awards

Honorable Managed Property – Charming Garden (2013)

Outstanding Managed Public Carpark – Charming Garden (2013)

Five Star Managed Property – Grandview Garden (2015)

Hong Kong Island Best Security Services Awards

Outstanding Residential Building Security Service – Cheerful Garden (2008/2009) 

Environmental Campaign Committee – Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence

“Class of Excellence” Engerywi$e Label – Harmony Garden (2012,2014)

Environmental Protection Department – Source Separation of Domestic Waste  

Silver Award & Award for Enhancement 
Kwong Yuen Estate (2011/2012)

 Certificate of Merit
Grandview Garden (2011) Charming Garden (2011) Harmony Garden (2010) Fullview Garden (2010) Siu On Court (2007/2008) Cheerful Garden (2007/2008) Charming Garden (2007/2008)

Green Council – Hong Kong Green Awards

Green Management Award (SME) – Service Provider - Bronze Award (2016)

Occupational Safety & Health Council – Best Property Management Award in Occupational Safety and Health

Saddle Ridge Garden (2014/15)

Kwong Yuen Estate (2014/15)

Charming Garden (2014/15)

Contact Information
Chevalier Property Management Limited
Address: 22/F, Chevalier Commercial Centre, 8 Wang Hoi Road, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2758 8632
Fax: (852) 2757 5576
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