Corporate Social Responsibility


The Group was one of the supporting organizations of the “Hong Kong Green Building Week 2019”
The Group sponsored the “Walk For Nature”, an annual fundraising event organized by WWF-Hong Kong

Chevalier Group has been playing an active role in environmental engineering by taking part in various large-scale projects related to water, wastewater and air quality, as well as solid waste treatment and disposal. Our commitment to protecting the environment is well reflected by our continuous efforts in promoting green measures and awareness in all business practices. As a responsible corporate citizen, the Group strives to build a greener and sustainable community. It gives full support to various green advocates to promote public awareness of environmental protection. We have a committed partnership with WWF-Hong Kong, a well-established conservation NGO, and have become a member of its Corporate Membership Programme for consecutive years to contribute to the sustainable development of our environment. Furthermore, the Group became the Hong Kong Green Building Council Limited’s Silver Patron Member in 2019. As a supporting organization of the “Hong Kong Green Building Week 2019”, the Group encouraged its staff to wear light yet professional outfit in “Biz-Green Dress Day” to reduce carbon emissions and save energy through reducing air-conditioning consumption in offices.
The Group has also introduced a company-wide green policy to enhance the awareness of environmental protection among staff with the aims of saving energy, fully utilizing resources and recycling wastes in daily office operation. We signed the “Clean Air Charter” in 2005 and undertook to implement appropriate measures to reduce air pollution. We have participated in the “Charter on External Lighting” launched by the Environment Bureau to minimize light nuisance and energy wastage. We implement green construction to minimize the disruption made to the environment during the construction process, and practise waste separation and recycling on our construction sites. We also manage the residential estates in an environmental manner to promote a green lifestyle.

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